City Council


15901 Fred Robinson Way
Bowie, MD 20716


Each Bowie resident is represented by the Mayor, two At-Large Councilmembers and a District Councilmember. They may be contacted via one of the email links below or calling City Clerk Awilda Hernandez at 301-809-3029.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, Tim Mayor 301-809-3029  
Vacant, Vacant District 3 Councilmember      
Gardner, Henri At-Large Councilmember 301-809-3029  
Vacant, Vacant At-Large Councilmember      
Esteve, Michael District 1 Councilmember 301-809-3029  
Woolfley, Dufour District 2 Councilmember 301-809-3029  
Ndebumadu, Roxy District 4 Councilmember 301-809-3029