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Rain Barrel Registration Form

  1. Thank you for registering your rain barrel!
  2. Why is this registration helpful?

    The City is required to reduce stormwater runoff and associated pollutants under a permit with the State of Maryland. This voluntary form will give us the amount of stormwater stored in residential rain barrels and kept out of our streams. This is for internal information only and may be presented as one collective number for all residents in our annual State of the Environment report.

    Please note - only the questions with the asterisk are required to successfully submit the form, but the answers to other questions will be helpful. Thank you for your time!

  3. How many rain barrels do you have?*
  4. How much water does each rain barrel hold?
  5. Where did you purchase your rain barrel(s)? *

    If you have more than one from different stores, please select "Other" and write out your answer.

  6. For example, I wanted free untreated water for my plants; I wanted to reduce my stormwater footprint; i have a standing water area by my downspout; etc.

  7. We would like to know what information is getting to our residents and what we might do to improve our education efforts.

  8. We are considering a workshop where supplies are provided but participants assemble their own barrel. Would that have interested you? 

  9. If you're willing to be contacted about this, please put your email above.

  10. We're just an email or phone call away!

    If you have any comments or questions, feel free to reach out to Tiffany Wright ( or 301-809-3043).

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