Who can register for Alert Bowie 2.0?
Anyone can sign up for Alert Bowie 2.0 regardless of where they live and/or work. However, with the exception of the automated Weather Alerts, the City of Bowie will only provide alerts and notifications for incidents/events with a potential impact to Bowie. Certain types of alerts will only be received by individuals within a certain radius of the event/incident location (i.e., public safety incidents).

Similar systems are in place throughout the National Capital Region. If you live and/or work outside of Bowie, and want to receive traffic or crime alerts for other cities or counties in the area, you're encouraged to sign-up for that respective jurisdiction's alerting system. You can find links to all of the alerting systems in the National Capital Region at capitalert.gov.

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12. Who can register for Alert Bowie 2.0?
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24. Why do I get weather alerts via a phone call?
25. Who do I contact if I have problems, questions or comments?