MONDAY, JUNE 3, 2019

Call meeting to order


Pledge of allegiance




Agenda Additions/Deletions/Amendments


Citizen Participation








Council Announcements


City Manager's Report


Consent Agenda


Approval of Proclamation P-9-19

Proclaiming June 1 – 9, 2019 as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week in the City of Bowie

Introduction of Charter Amendment CAR-2-19

Amending Section 58 Of The Charter Of The City Of Bowie (The “Charter”) In Order To:  (1) Provide That The Council Shall Determine Certain Matters By Ordinance And May Determine Certain Matters By Resolution Pertaining To General Obligation Debt Of The City; (2) Confirm That General Obligation Debt Of The City May Be Sold By Private Negotiated Sale Without Advertisement Or Publication Of Notice Or Sale Or At Public Sale After Solicitation Of Competitive Bids; (3) Authorize Or Provide For The Methods By Which General Obligation Debt May Be Bid For In Connection With The Sale Of The Same By Solicitation Of Competitive Bids At Public Sale; (4) Provide For The Manner In Which Any Notice Of Sale Or Summary Thereof May Be Published And That Any Notice Of Sale May Be Made Available By Methods Other Than By Publication; And (5) Provide That The Powers Set Forth In Section 58 Of The Charter Are Additional And Supplemental To Any Other General Obligation Borrowing Authority Applicable To The City; Providing For Compliance With Certain Provisions Of The Annotated Code Of Maryland And The Charter Regarding The Amendments Provided For Herein; Providing That This Title Constitutes A Fair Summary Of This Charter Amendment Resolution; And Otherwise Generally Relating To The Charter Amendments Provided For Herein

Approval of Resolution R-34-19


Approval of Resolution R-35-19


Approval of Resolution R-37-19


Approval of Resolution R-38-19


Approval of Resolution R-39-19


Approval of Resolution R-40-19


Approval of Resolution R-41-19

Approving Variance Application BV-2-19, a Request by Elizabeth Hofstad and David Fladung to Allow the Construction of Approximately 220 Linear Feet of Six Foot High Wood-Look Vinyl Fencing Along Belair Drive, When According to the Prince George’s County Zoning Ordinance, Such Fencing Shall Not be More Than Four Feet High, at 2705 Bartlett Lane

Approval of Resolution R-42-19

Approving Variance Application BV-3-19, a Request by Alvin and Julie Holley to Allow the Construction of Approximately 115 Linear Feet of Six Foot High Vinyl Replacement Fencing Along Spur Way, When According to the Prince George’s County Zoning Ordinance, Such Fencing Shall Not be More Than Four Feet High, at 3015 Stonybrook Drive

Introduction of Ordinance O-4-19

Introduction of Emergency Ordinance O-4-19 Amending the Adopted Budget for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019, to Authorize the transfer of certain amounts in the FY 2019 Budget to pay for Anticipated Expenses


Old Business


New Business


New Ice Arena Contract Award

New Ice Arena Contract Award and Approval of Resolution R-43-19 Accepting a bid proposal for General Contractor for New Ice Arena - Public Hearing/Eligible for Action

Approval of Ordinance O-3-19

Providing for the Sale and Issuance by the City of Bowie (the “City”), Upon its Full Faith and Credit, of a Single Series of Its General Obligation Bonds in the Original Aggregate Principal Amount of $25,000,000, Subject to Adjustment Upward or Downward as Provided Herein so Long as the Final Original Aggregate Principal Amount of Such Bonds Does Not Exceed $25,000,000, the Proceeds of the Sale Thereof to be Used and Applied for the Public Purpose of Financing or Reimbursing Costs of the Project Identified Herein as the New Bowie Ice Arena and Related Costs; Prescribing the Form and Tenor of the Bonds and the Terms and Conditions for the Issuance and Sale Thereof at Public Sale by Solicitation of Competitive Bids, Including the Form of the Official Notice of Sale (Subject to Modification) and Other Details Incident to the Issuance, Sale and Delivery of the Bonds; Authorizing the City Manager to Determine Certain Matters Provided for Herein in Connection With the Sale of the Bonds; Authorizing and Approving the Preparation and Distribution of a Preliminary and a Final Official Statement in Connection With the Sale of the Bonds; Providing for the Selection of a Bond Registrar and Paying Agent for the Bonds and Providing for Certain Determinations in Accordance With Such Engagement; Authorizing the Preparation, Execution and Delivery of a Continuing Disclosure Undertaking Pursuant to Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 15C2-12 and Covenanting to Provide Continuing Disclosure Relating to the Bonds; Providing for the Disbursement and Investment of the Proceeds of the Bonds; Authorizing the City to Issue and Sell General Obligation Bond Anticipation Notes and General Obligation Refunding Bonds for the Purposes Set Forth Herein and Subject to the Limitations Provided for Herein; Providing for the Imposition and Collection of Any Taxes Necessary for the Payment of Debt Service on the Bonds, Any Such Bond Anticipation Notes or Any Such Refunding Bonds (Collectively, the “Obligations”); Pledging the City’s Full Faith and Credit and Unlimited Taxing Power to Payment of Debt Service on the Obligations; Providing That Debt Service on the Obligations Also May be Paid From Any Other Sources of Revenue Lawfully Available For Such Purpose; Providing for Determinations Regarding Any Bond Anticipation Notes or Refunding Bonds to be Made by Resolution; Providing That the Provisions of this Ordinance Shall be Liberally Construed; and Generally Relating to the Sale, Issuance, Delivery and Payment of and for the Bonds and Certain Authorizations Relating to Any Bond Anticipation Notes or Refunding Bonds – Public Hearing/Eligible for Action

Mixed Use Text Zoning Amendment - Mill Branch Crossing

The property owner of the undeveloped Mill Branch Crossing development is requesting City Council support for a proposed Zoning Ordinance text amendment to permit multi-family development in the Commercial Shopping Center (C-S-C) Zone.  Mill Branch Crossing was previously planned to include a Walmart superstore.  A recent trend in the commercial real estate industry is moving away from big box retail toward mixed use with residential to support commercial uses.  The site is approved for mix of office/retail and a hotel.  The 74 acre site is located on the east side of US 301, in the northeast quadrant of the US 301/Excalibur Road/Mill Branch Road intersection - Public Hearing/Eligible for Action

Zoning Text Amendment - Dunkin Donuts CB-13-2019

The owners of the Dunkin Donuts franchise located in Bowie Plaza requested a Zoning Text Amendment to assist them in moving their business to a more prominent location at the northeast corner of MD 197 and Old Chapel Road.  The property is occupied by a vacant bank building.  The business  owner is requesting the City’s support for a proposed Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment to allow an eating and drinking establishment, with drive-through service, in the C-O (Commercial Office) Zone, under certain circumstances - Public Hearing/Eligible for Action

Zoning Text Amendment - Freeway Airport (CB-17-2019)

The property owner is requesting the City’s support for a proposed Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment for the R-A (Residential Agriculture) zone, to support a future residential redevelopment plan of approximately 600 dwelling units, including small lot single-family dwelling units and townhouse units.  The property includes 129 acres and is located in the southwest quadrant of US 50/Church Road - Public Hearing/Eligible for Action

Adjournment and Move to Close Session

Statutory Authority to Close Session, State Government Article

 §3-305(b)(1) To discuss the appointment, employment, assignment, promotion, discipline, demotion, compensation, removal, resignation, or performance evaluation of appointees, employees, or officials over whom this public body has jurisdiction; or any other personnel matter that affects one or more specific individuals and

 §3-305(b)(3): To consider the acquisition of real property for a public purpose and matters directly related thereto and

 §3-305(b)(7) To consult with counsel to obtain legal advice on a legal matter.

Note:  The Ethics Commission has advised that under certain circumstances, members of the public may qualify as lobbyists when they testify before the City Council. If so, the Bowie Ethics Ordinance requires that certain information be filed with the Ethics Commission. Please review the information about lobbying that is provided with the City Clerk. If you have any questions about lobbying, please contact the Ethics Commission or the Assistant City Manager.

This meeting will be televised live on Verizon Channel 10 and Comcast Channel 71 and 996, repeated on 6/5/19 and 6/8/19 at 7 p.m., and web-streamed live