Recent Changes to the City Code

Recent Amendments to Parking, Zoning and Property Maintenance Codes

The Bowie City code was recently amended. Some of those changes are listed below. For more detailed information, refer to the City Code.

Chapter 5, Housing and Property Maintenance

  • City building permits must be obtained prior to construction.
  • Rubbish includes plastic and glass bottles or containers.
  • Open Storage includes inoperative vehicles.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors are required in all dwelling units with a fossil fuel burning heater, appliance, gas or wood burning fireplace or an attached garage. They shall be located on each floor and within 10 feet of each sleeping area.
  • Fines for violations of Chapter 5, if not specified, are $100 for the first violation, $200 for the second violation, and $500 for each subsequent violation.

Chapter 14, Motor Vehicles and Traffic

No parking within three feet (3') of a driveway.

No parking of cargo trailers, boats, open watercraft trailers and camping vehicles on a City street unless for temporary loading and unloading.

Chapter 22, Streets and Sidewalks
Trees, tree branches and shrubbery are to be trimmed to provide a clearance of nine feet (9') above a public sidewalk and fourteen feet (14') above the street pavement.

A tree on private property in imminent danger to city property or the public right-of-way may be declared a public nuisance and be trimmed or removed by the City after notification to the property owner.

Chapter 26, Zoning

Valid registration plates must be displayed on all vehicles and trailers parked on a residential lot.

Trailers, motor vehicles and watercraft must be parked on a paved surface. They are prohibited from being parked on a deck, patio, porch, walkway, sidewalk or any sport, tennis or basketball court.

A vehicle with one or more flat tires, partially dismantled or wrecked, unable to be moved under its own power, missing its engine, transmission, windows, fender, bumper, hood, etc., is declared to be "inoperative vehicle" and is prohibited.

Please email the Code Compliance Office or telephone 301-809-3008 for additional information.