White Marsh Master Plan

Whitemarsh Park is a 200-acre park. Most of the park is passive, but there are 30 acres which are heavily used. This 30 acres is home to active recreation, the Bowie Playhouse, the historic William Plains house and SportFit Bowie, a private athletic club.

In 2011 with the assistance of Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects, PC, the City of Bowie completed a comprehensive review of Whitemarsh Park.

As part of that process, the consultants evaluated the current state of the park and assessed future needs of the City and those who visit the park and use its facilities.

Some of the questions addressed in the review were:
  • Should uses stay in their current location?
  • Should some uses be removed?
  • Should other uses be inserted or be transformed to year-round activity?
  • How can the existing facilities better share infrastructure investments such as parking and restrooms?
These questions, and others related to costing, phasing, and alternate access points for vehicles and pedestrians were considered in the planning process.

Upon completion of the review in May 2011, a master plan for the park was completed and the final plan was accepted by City Council on August 5, 2011.

View the White Marsh Master Plan (103 pages - PDF)