Reserving Picnic Facilities


  • The City of Bowie offers several sheltered and non-sheltered rentable picnic spaces. 
  • Each site has a maximum capacity for attendees and an associated rental fee. 
  • Rental fees are based on the residency status of the renter and the facility or area being rented. 
  • A resident is an individual who resides in the Incorporated City limits of Bowie.  Not all Bowie addresses are in the incorporated City limits.  City staff can assist you with determining your residency status or use our residency lookup tool
  • The individual who rents the facility (the person to whom the permit is issued, the "Permit Holder") will be legally responsible for the group and their actions and must remain on site for the entire duration of the event. 
  • Consumption of alcohol is by permit only and may only be consumed at the picnic facility or area.

Please Note:

  • The City does not offer any indoor picnic facilities.
  • Picnic pavilions are covered and can provide some shelter from weather.
  • Non-sheltered picnic facilities (family areas and group areas) do not offer any protection from rain. The City cannot provide rescheduled dates or refunds when an event is canceled due to inclement weather

Picnic Areas

Family Areas

These areas are non-sheltered, accommodate less than 25 persons, and are available on a first-come first-served basis to groups of 25 or less. Each area contains at least one table; some areas offer a grill, but not all do.

Group Areas at Allen Pond ParkIMG_2423

Group Areas 5, 6, 8

  • Non-sheltered, accommodate up to 32 persons, can be reserved.
  • Contains 4 tables; 2 grills

Group Areas 3, 4, 7

  • Non-sheltered, accommodate up to 48 persons, can be reserved
  • Contains 6 tables; 2 - 3 grills

Picnic Pavilions at Allen Pond


East Pavilion & West Pavilion

  • Sheltered, accommodate up to 80 persons
  • Contain 10 tables; 2 grills
  • Electricity available
  • See map in next section of this page

Whitemarsh Park Pavilion

  • Sheltered, accommodates up to 150 persons
  • Contains 10 tables; 2 grills
  • Electricity not available

Allen Pond Picnic Map 

(Click image to view full size map)

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Rental Fees

Rental Fee
Security Deposit
Rental Fee
Security Deposit
Group Area 3, 4, 7$100$100$250$250
Group Area 5, 6, 8$75$75$200$200
Pavilion Alcohol Permit$200$200$400$200
Group Area Alcohol Permit$100$200$200$200

The rental fees for picnic areas (Pavilions and Group Areas) are based on Bowie residency and the area that is being rented:

  • Resident Rate: A resident rate will apply to a reservation where the applicant (permit holder) lives in a home within the corporate City limits of Bowie. If the applicant is a "business," the business must have offices located within the corporate City limits. If the applicant is a "nonprofit organization" residency will be based on the official address of the organization as listed on its 501(c)3 document.
  • Non-Resident Rate: A non-resident rate will apply to all other applicants

Placing a Reservation 

Please read our detailed instructions on How to Make a Picnic Reservation, then visit our Parks Reservation website to check picnic area availability and book your reservation. Once there, click on Reserve a Picnic Site - Facilities.