Reserving Picnic Facilities

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The City of Bowie offers several types (non-sheltered and sheltered) of picnic facilities. Each site has a maximum capacity and a rental fee associated with use of the facility (except for family areas). The park map shows the location of picnic facilities within that specific park. The City does not offer any indoor picnic facilities. Rental fees are based on the facility and residency of the renter. The individual who rents the facility (the person to whom the permit is issued) will be legally responsible for the group and their actions and must remain on site for the duration of the event. Consumption of alcohol is by permit only and may only be consumed at the picnic facility. Wedding ceremonies are prohibited in all City of Bowie parks.

Please note: Non-sheltered picnic facilities do not offer any protection from rain and refunds are not given for inclement weather.


  • Family Areas-

    non-sheltered, accommodate less than 25 persons
  • Group Areas

    - non-sheltered, accommodate up to 48 persons
  • Picnic Pavilions-

    sheltered, accommodate up to 150 persons (depending upon site)

Placing a Reservation

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