Community Assistance Videos

Community Information Videos

Part of the Community Outreach Committee’s ongoing mission is to share information with Bowie residents about programs and activities that provide assistance in our community.

Committee members interview local experts about various services that are available and the conversations are broadcast on Bowie government television. The interviews are also be uploaded to YouTube for on-demand viewing.

Focus on Mental Health

Want to learn more about mental health, help remove stigmas and improve your well being? Watch the latest videos brought to you by the Community Outreach Committee. (be sure to check back in the future for additional video conversations.)

Mental Health: Awareness video (October 2022): The committee interviews Dr. Lauren Colston, Ph.D. and discusses what is mental health, the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist, and how to choose the right provider for you. 

Mental Health: Resources video (December 2022): The committee interviews Wendy Wilcox, director of Youth and Family Services, and Kimberly Walker, mental health clinician at Bowie High School, to learn more about mental health resources available to you. 

Other Videos: