Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant Flushing

The City of Bowie Public Works Department performs its annual fire hydrant flushing and testing program in areas served by city water each spring and fall.

Learn more about the Hydrant Flushing process and why we flush the pipes by watching this video produced in Spring 2019.

Water Discoloration

Some discoloration of your water may occur and clothes washing is discouraged when hydrant flushing is occurring in your neighborhood. If your clothes become discolored, keep them wet and re-wash them using a rust remover. Rust remover will be available, at no cost, from City Hall. The water is safe for drinking and bathing even though it may be discolored.

The discoloration is a result of rust and sediment build up in the water lines and is not harmful. The discoloration should clear in approximately 24 hours. However, since the water mains are all interconnected, flushing of hydrants in adjacent sections could affect your water as well.

Additional Information

The hydrant flushing program usually begins in late March or early April and last about five weeks. For more information or questions about hydrant flushing, please contact Missy Marlette at 240-544-5686 or email.