Streets & Sidewalks


The Street Division strives to keep city streets and sidewalks safe and in good repair. This can involve hot mix resurfacing, crack sealing, and concrete replacement. The replacement of curb, gutter, sidewalks, and handicap ramps is dictated by safety concerns and structural deficiency.

The Street Division is also responsible for snow removal and ice control on approximately 193 miles of city streets. Street light maintenance is also the responsibility of this division. Streets are cleaned on a seven-week schedule during the non-winter months. See this year's Street Sweeping Schedule.

Traffic Signal Repair

The repair of traffic signals on State roads, such as Routes 450, 197, 214 and 3/301, is the responsibility of the Maryland State Highway Administration. Call 410-787-7652 or after hours 410-582-5650 to report problems.

Exceptions include the following signals that are owned and maintained by the City of Bowie or Prince George's County.

City of Bowie

  • Mitchellville Road at Harbour Way
  • Northview Drive at Bowie Town Center / Health Center Drive
  • Northview Drive at Enfield Chase
  • Northview Drive at New Haven Lane / Evergreen Drive
  • Northview Drive at Nottinghill

To report problems at these signals call the city's contractor, PERCS at 877-733-5444.

Prince George's County

  • Mitchellville Road at Excalibur Road
  • Mitchellville Road at Mt. Oak Road

To report problems at these signals call Prince George's County at 301-883-5650.

Street Maintenance on Non-City Roads

The following roads are maintained by Prince George's County. All problems on these streets must be reported to 301-390-6710:

  • Church Road
  • Fletchertown Road
  • Highbridge Road
  • Hillmeade Road
  • Jericho Park Road
  • Mitchellville Road (south of MD 197)
  • Mt. Oak Road (west of Mitchellville Road)
  • Old Chapel Road
  • Race Track Road

The following highways are maintained by the State of Maryland. All problems on these streets or in right of way must be reported to 301-776-7619:

  • Route 3/301
  • Route 50
  • Route 197
  • Route 214 (Central Avenue)
  • Route 450
  • Route 564 (Lanham Severn Road)

There is also a toll free number to report problems anywhere in the state at 800-543-2515.

The Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) has established an automated service request system on its website. The system may be used by residents to place a request for a SHA response to issues or pressing maintenance needs involving street lights, traffic signals, signage, mowing, litter, dead animals, etc. on state roadways.