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  1. 2021 Leaf Collection Program

    The 2021 Leaf Collection Schedule for this week is published below. The list will be updated each afternoon to show the daily progress. We will not be listing specific neighborhoods on specific dates. On the week that your neighborhood is scheduled for pickup, leaves should be raked to the curb (but not in the street) by Monday at 7 a.m. The date listed IS NOT your scheduled collection date but the start of the week in which it will be collected. 

    2021 Leaf Collection - Week of December 6 thru December 10
    Pointer RidgeCOMPLETED
    Belair Town IIScheduled
    Old StageScheduled
    Heather HillsScheduled
    Colts NeckScheduled
    Huntington CrestScheduled
    Rolling HillsScheduled

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Curbside Vacuum Leaf Collection Program 

The City of Bowie Curbside Vacuum Leaf Collection Program begins November 1 and runs through mid-December. Every single-family neighborhood will have two collections during that time.

Neighborhoods will be scheduled during a specific week and not on a specific date. You can view the 2021 schedule by clicking on one of the tabs below to see which two weeks your neighborhood will have leaf collection. The date listed IS NOT your scheduled collection date but the start of the week in which it will be collected. 

Due to limited availability of the equipment the city usually leases for this program, crews will be working longer hours on more days to get the job done. By assigning a pickup week rather than a pickup date, the crews can be more efficient with their time and will have more flexibility in how they move through the neighborhoods during each week.

Leaves should be raked to the curb (but not in the street), by 7 a.m. on Monday of your scheduled week. Each afternoon, the progress will be posted on the city website at www.cityofbowie.org/leaves. It will show each neighborhood scheduled for that week and whether it has been completed. Please note that once the truck passes through your street, they will not return to it again that week.

The Leaf Collection Program is a joint project of the Public Works Department and the Parks and Grounds Division of the Community Services Department. For more information about leaf collection, contact the Public Works Department at 301-809-2344.

Please note: If you prefer to bag your leaves, they will be picked up on Wednesdays with yard waste.  Use paper yard waste bags (no plastic bags).

When It's Your Pick Up Week 

Please follow the weekly schedule. Have your leaves raked to the curb by Monday at 7 a.m. on your scheduled weeks. The date listed IS NOT your scheduled collection date but the start of the week in which it will be collected. 

Check the daily status to see the progress throughout the week. Once they have completed your neighborhood, they will not be back that week.

  1. Schedule by Neighborhood
  2. Schedule by Week

2021 Leaf Collection Schedule by Neighborhood

Leaves should be out by 7 a.m. on the first day of the week. Daily updates will be posted on the leaf collection web site.
Neighborhood 1st Collection
Week of
2nd Collection
Week of
Adnell 11/8 12/6
Amber Meadows 11/22 12/13
Ashleigh 11/15 12/13
Ashleigh Station 11/15 12/13
Belair Greens 11/22 12/13
Belair Town 1 11/15 12/13
Belair Town 2 11/15 12/6
Buckingham 11/8 11/29
Chapel Forge 11/8 11/29
Collington Station/Manor 11/15 12/13
Colts Neck (Designated pick up on Race Track Rd.) 11/8 12/6
Covington Manor 11/22 12/13
Derbyshire 11/8 11/29
Devonshire 11/15 12/13
Dixon Crossing 11/15 12/13
Enfield (excluding townhomes) 11/8 11/29
Fairview 11/8 11/29
Forest Hills 11/1 11/29
Foxhill 11/1 11/29
Glen Allen 11/22 12/13
Grady's Walk 11/15 12/13
Grovehurst 11/15 12/13
Hamptons 11/15 12/13
Harvey Manor 11/8 12/6
Heather Hills 11/8 12/6
Highbridge Park 11/15 12/13
Huntington 11/8 12/6
Huntington Crest 11/8 12/6
Idlewild 11/1 12/6
Kenilworth 11/1 11/29
Longleaf 11/22 12/13
Longridge 11/1 11/22
Meadowbrook 11/15 12/13
Mitchellville East 11/22 12/13
Northridge 11/8 12/6
Northview 11/22 12/13
Oaktree 11/22 12/13
Old Chapel 11/15 12/13
Old Chapel Estates 11/15 12/13
Old Stage 11/15 12/6
Overbrook 11/1 11/29
Patuxent Overlook 11/22 12/13
Peach Preserve 11/22 12/13
Pointer Ridge 11/8 12/6
Rockledge 11/8 11/29
Rolling Hills 11/15 12/6
Saddlebrook (East & West) 11/15 12/13
Somerset 11/1 11/22
Spring Meadows 11/15 12/13
Stewarts Landing 11/15 12/13
Tall Oaks 11/1 11/29
Ternberry 11/15 12/13
Tulip Grove 11/1 11/29
Victoria Heights 11/8 11/29
Westview 11/15 12/13
Whitehall 11/15 12/13
Woodmore Estates 11/15 12/13
Woodmore Highlands 11/15 12/13
Yorktown 11/15 12/6

Weekly Yard Waste Collection

Bagged leaves are collected year round on Wednesdays, as part of the City's yard waste collection program. 

Remember - use only paper bags. No plastic bags are permitted for yard waste.