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Business Watch is a partnership between the business community, local authorities, the police, and other organizations that represent business interests. It enables individual businesses to take an active part in preventing and reducing crime through sharing information, raising awareness, and improving communications through meetings and a functional calling tree.

Our Business Watch is modeled after the highly successful Neighborhood Watch Program, established a formal communication network among businesses in a specified area. Members in each area are alerted to the potential of crime and current crime trends. Members are encouraged to form a community that watches out for one another.

Our commitment as law enforcement is to provide Business Watch members with information and crime prevention training. Members will be educated on how to recognize and report criminal / suspicious activity. Many other topics of crime prevention and safety issues will also be addressed.

The Business Watch is not meant to replace your current security system or plan. Instead, it is a way to augment these services and enhance the overall awareness and safety of the business, its employees, and its customers.