Neighborhood Watch


The Bowie Police Department offers a Neighborhood Watch Program to the Bowie community. Neighborhood Watch is a joint effort between the Bowie Police Department and the community to promote mutual assistance among neighbors and to provide increased security within a neighborhood.

Neighborhood Watch Programs help deter crime. Not only are they one of the most effective methods, but they are also one of the least costly ways of reducing crime.

To start a Neighborhood Watch Program, please contact the Bowie Police Department at  240-544-5700 or view the following resources:

Main Objectives

Neighborhood Watch reduce the incidence of crime by:
  • Increasing the awareness of neighborhood crime through a continuing public information program, including newsletters and community meetings
  • Teaching citizens better ways to secure their property, including providing information about security survey programs
  • Developing a neighborhood action plan where neighbors become more aware of their neighborhood and help watch each other’s property
  • Encouraging citizens to cooperate with the Bowie Police by reporting suspicious and criminal activity to the Bowie Police Department
  • Participating in Operation Identification

Neighborhood Watch Requirements

To make your neighborhood a Neighborhood Watch Community, the following requirements must be met:
  • Attend a neighborhood meeting
  • Become familiar with your neighbors
  • Keep a watchful eye on your neighbor’s home
  • Immediately reporting any suspicious or criminal activity to the Bowie Police
Your community must hold three Neighborhood Watch / Crime Prevention meetings conducted by the Bowie Police Department within one year.

Upon completion of the Neighborhood Watch Program requirements, communities are eligible to receive a free Neighborhood Watch sign posted at the entrance to the community. These signs are a proven deterrent to criminal activities.

Operation Identification

The Operation Identification Program involves:
  • Engraving your valuables
  • Preparing an inventory of your valuables