Lost Pets


Bowie Animal Control makes an effort to return all lost and injured animals to their owners in the community before transporting them to the Prince George’s County Animal Services Facility located on Brown Station Road in Upper Marlboro. For information about the County facility, call 301-780-7200. 

Our Efforts 

The chances of your pet being returned quickly are increased greatly when the animal has a current license and registration. The growing use of microchips also helps us identify the owner(s) of an animal and may save residents from traveling to the County facility.

When an animal is picked up, our officers will canvass the immediate area to determine whether an owner can be identified. Often times, a resident will contact our offices to inquire about a lost animal, and staff verifies whether it was reported lost and/or found. If staff cannot determine an animal's owner, or if the animal is injured, it may be placed in our Temporary Holding Area at City Hall, taken to an area veterinarian for immediate evaluation, or transported to the County Animal Services Facility.

You Can Help

Transporting animals to Upper Marlboro is time consuming for City staff and upsetting to your pet. Pet owners can reduce the chances of their pets being taken to the shelter by doing the following:

  • License Your Pet with the Prince George's Animal Services Division - This can be done in person at City Hall or at the Prince George's Animal Control Facility at 3750 Brown Station Road in Upper Marlboro. The telephone number there is 301-780-7200.
  • Keep Your Contact Information Current - Make sure the registration information is accurate and that it gets updated when your contact information changes. To make updates to your information, call 301-780-7200.
  • Keep a Collar and Current Tags on Your Animal - Make sure your pet wears a collar at all times and that current tags are on the collar. Remember to keep your pet’s shots up-to-date. An animal that has been roaming is more likely to come into contact with another animal infected with rabies, Lyme disease, etc.
  • Have a Current Photograph of Your Pet Available
  • Consider Having a Microchip Put in Your Pet - A microchip can be embedded in your pet by your veterinarian. The tiny devices, only about the size of a grain of rice, have a unique number that scanners at most animal shelters can read. When pets with microchips come into shelters, the staff can quickly identify their owners by checking the numbers with the microchip's maker. The cost is usually less than $40. Remember to register your pet's microchip and update the contact information when it changes. View more information about a special discounted microchip offer through a local veterinarian.

Find us on Facebook 

In our on-going efforts to reunite lost pets with their families Bowie Animal Control has launched a Facebook page where Animal Control Officers post photographs and details about the animals they pick up. Residents are also welcome to post information regarding pet(s) they have lost or found.

See the City of Bowie Animal Control page on Facebook and "like" us to stay up-to-date on lost and found pets in your area.