Green Citizen Award

Back for 2024!

After taking a hiatus in 2023, we are back with the Bowie Green Citizen Award. This year's deadline for nominations is Thursday, February 29, so keep reading and be sure to get your submission in by Leap Day!

The Bowie Green Citizen Award seeks to acknowledge residents who adopt and/or actively promote sustainable practices. This includes individuals who have made achievements such as green practices at home, educational activities in the community, promoting green policies and more. Some example actions are below, but are not limited to just those. To nominate someone, please complete the form below.

Example Actions:

  • Caring for natural resources 
    • Cleaning a stream or road
    • Removing invasive plants
  • Educating about climate change
    • Writing an article in a neighborhood newsletter
    • Having a lunch-time learning chat at work
  • Responsible stormwater management
    • Constructed a rain gardens
    • Installed a rain barrel
  • Protecting habitat
    • Certifying a backyard habitat
    • Volunteering at City Monarch Waystations
  • Promoting and/or using sustainable energy
    • Using an electric vehicle
    • Installing solar panels


  • Nominations are open to individuals living within the incorporated limits of the City. To determine if a nominee lives within the City limits please visit our maps page and use the address checker tool.
  • Previous award winners may not be nominated.
  • Green Team Executive Committee and Environmental Advisory Committee members, City officials, and City employees may not be nominated.   
  • Individuals who serve on the selection committee may not submit a nomination.

The award ceremony will be held at the Bowie Green Expo on April 13, 2024 at noon.

Congratulations to our previous Awardees:

  • Gaye Williams, 2017
  • Dr. Harold Moline, 2018
  • Cecelia Reddy, 2019
  • Ann Fleming, 2020
  • Bowie Interfaith Food Pantry, as well as folks who worked from home, residents who compost or participate in the food waste program, teachers, and front line workers (in light of all of the COVID-19 challenges), 2021
  • Gary Allen, 2022

Submit your nomination 

Please complete the application below. If you have questions, feel free to contact the Sustainability Planner Ryan Perpall, by email or phone (301-809-3073).

Green Citizen Award Nomination Form

  1. Who are you nominating?

  2. How do we contact them?

  3. What were the economic, social, or environmental impacts.

  4. Were others involved? Who? How?

  5. If you wish to submit documentation such as photos or other electronic files, please email them to Ryan Perpall, Sustainability Planner (
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