Permits & Licenses

Permits or licenses are required for various activities in the City of Bowie. Read a description of each below.

Block Party Permits

Block parties are allowed in neighborhoods, under certain circumstances. A Block Party permit is required. 
Block Party permit application

Building & Sign Permits

Property owners are required to obtain permits from both Prince George's County and the City of Bowie for most improvements or alterations to their property. These permits must be obtained from both the County and the City prior to construction.  

Pet Licenses

All dogs, cats, and ferrets in the City of Bowie must have and wear a current Prince George's County license.

Public Works Permits

Permits are required for several different types of construction work, including planned utility work in city rights-of-way, residential driveway aprons, small cell towers, erosion and sediment control, stormwater management, rough grading,and storm drain and paving. View details and the full list of permits required.

Rental Housing Licenses

A City of Bowie Rental License is required for all rental situations including those where the owner or a family member lives at the property. These include:

•    Short-Term like Airbnb™, VRBO®, Home Away®, etc.

•    Basement rentals

•    Partial home or In-law suite

•    Group homes, assisted living, and congregate living

•    Single-family homes, townhouses, and condos

Special Event Permits

Special event permits are required for any event taking place in City parks, at City facilities, or on City streets.