Bowie Brand and Identity Survey

Brand and Identity Survey

We're asking for your help in determining how to best bring Bowie to life visually in a way that is distinct, meaningful, and memorable.

Earlier in the year, we asked for your opinion on what makes Bowie distinct and meaningful. From those surveys, our design team was able to come up with overarching themes that they thought best described Bowie. The design team gave a sample group of residents, business owners, and city employees a dozen options to review. From these options, they have narrowed it down to 3 designs that are being shared in a survey below. 

Through this survey, we hope to gauge your reaction and initial thoughts about the three different approaches and design concepts that would accompany each approach. We hope to present the results of this survey, along with the three design concepts to the City Council. Once they have come to an agreement, we will begin implementing the new design in themes, logos, and a website redesign.  

Your input today is vital and will play a key role in shaping the Bowie brand, which is a celebration and culmination of who we are, where we're going as a community, and what Bowie has to offer.

We began this effort several months ago, with a goal of developing a fresh and contemporary design approach to promoting our city. The city seal will continue to be used for official city business, but we’d like to have more informal, appealing look that will help us promote Bowie's unique value and sense of place to residents and businesses, as well as to those who might come here to visit, play, and invest.

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