Water Filter System Rebate Program

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Bowie Water System customers who are experiencing discolored water due to sedimentation are now eligible for a City rebate of up to $1,800 to help defray the costs of purchasing and installing a whole house water filtration system or water filter(s) at their property. 

City Council has authorized $50,000 for this new program. Rebates will be awarded on a first come, first served basis to eligible applicants who are prequalified for the rebate. The rebates will continue to be distributed until the $50,000 in program funds are exhausted or until the fiscal year ends on June 30, 2023, whichever comes first. 

***Funding is limited***
 If you think you may be eligible for this rebate program, it is imperative that you begin the application process as soon as possible.

Customers must follow these steps to prequalify, purchase, and receive a City of Bowie Water Filter Rebate. 

  1. Read through all the details on this page
  2. Accept the disclaimer and complete application form (After the application has been received, it will be reviewed by the Public Works Department, and then you will contacted by a staff member to discuss next steps.)
  3. Complete the preauthorization steps and receive a preauthorization approval notification from City
  4. Obtain quotes for installation of a water filtration system and select vendor to provide and install system. For water filters, please provide proof of what filter(s) will cost.
  5. Receive notice to proceed from the Public Works Department.
  6. Have water filter system or filters installed (you are responsible for payment).
  7. Submit receipts by June 15, 2023 and schedule a post-installation inspection with the Public Works Department.

Here are examples of what water filtration systems look like. The City of Bowie does not endorse or recommend any particular brand or type of systems.

water filter 2water filter 1

Water Rebate Program Details

What is the rebate program?

This program offers up to a $1,800 rebate for the purchase and installation of water filters(s) or a whole house water filtration system. The system or filters must be installed on a property that is served by the City of Bowie Water System. (WSSC customers are not eligible for this rebate). 

To qualify for the rebate, property owners must be preapproved by the City of Bowie according to the criteria below. Further, the City must be allowed to verify installation of the system or filter(s) at the property before the rebate will be issued.

Please note: If the value of the purchased and installed water filter(s) or water filtration system is less than $1,800, the rebate will be for the actual amount of the equipment and installation.

Who is eligible for a rebate?

Any property served by the City of Bowie Water System (not WSSC) that meets the requirements outlined below is eligible for a rebate. The property owner (not a tenant) must apply for the rebate.

What are the requirements to be eligible for a water filter system rebate?

To receive preauthorization from the Public Works Department, the customer's water must meet certain thresholds: 

  1. Show significant and persistent evidence of sedimentation in water running through the property’s water fixtures measured via turbidity* tests
  2. Three turbidity tests will be performed by Bowie water utility staff at the property to determine if there is a "significant and persistent sedimentation in the water". 
  3. Testing will done using a turbidimeter. A reading of 50.0 NTU indicates high concentrations of particulate matter or cloudiness and makes the property eligible for the rebate.
  4. Tests will be conducted on three separate occasions, with at least two weeks between each test.

Turbidity is the opaqueness of a liquid due to solids in the sample. A light is directed through the sample and a sensor records how much light passes through. More solids means less light passes through and receives a higher score measured in terms of nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).


Source: North Carolina Online History Resource https://www.ncpedia.org/media/turbidity-chart

Provide proof of cost for water filtration system to be installed or filter(s) to be purchased

  1. Provide quote for the water filter system equipment and installation to the Public Works Department. If purchasing a filter or filters instead of a whole house filtration system, provide proof of what the filter(s) will cost. 
  2. Email documents to Public Works Director Jose Aldayuz.

Receive Notice to Proceed

When the cost documentation has been reviewed, the Public Works Department will notify the customer that they can proceed with purchase /installation.

Please note: 
At this point, rebate funds are set aside for the customer, pending installation, inspection, and submission of receipts. 

After Installation

  1. Schedule inspection with Public Works staff to verify and photograph installation.
  2. Provide receipts for the water filtration system equipment and installation or water filter(s)