Homeowners Association Leadership Meetings

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The City of Bowie will host a meeting for leaders of homeowners associations located within the municipal limits of Bowie. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the needs of the associations and how to best collaborate with City departments.

Suggested topics may include:

  • Receiving resources/information from the City about upcoming programs, services and events
  • Sharing best practices and creating cross-collaboration opportunities with homeowners association and civic association leaders
  • Educating attendees on City processes and department functions

The meeting will be open to the president or vice president of the association. If you are the president or vice president of your HOA or civic association, please complete our Bowie HOA Survey. You may also request a copy of the survey to be emailed to you.

View City of Bowie Homeowners Associations and Civic Associations listings.

For more information and to ensure the correct contact information is on file, please email Lori Cunningham.