Neighborhood Mini Grants


The Neighborhood Mini-Grant Program was created to facilitate engagement among community members and strengthen their connection to both their neighborhood and community. This program will help meet the Sustainability Plan Goal CT5; which is to "involve 6,000 residents in events and programs that strengthen neighborhood connections."


Every application must identify a team leader to be designated as the point of contact for staff interactions. The team leader must specify their neighborhood OR certain street(s) involved, apartment complex, or HOA and it must be within the City limits. City staff will help the applicant by sending an invitation letter to all those invited, as well as to the City Councilmember representing that district.


  1. Applicants must provide a proposed budget (via application form) and may be reimbursed for up to $500 of expenses, based on staff review, with the typical grant award being $200.
  2. City funds may not be spent on alcohol.
  3. City funds may not be used for a political event.
  4. Applicants must obtain a permit through the Department of Community Services if they choose to have a block party.
  5. If having a block party, applicants must obtain signage from City Hall and agree to put it up at both ends of the affected street one week prior to the event.
  6. Funds may be spent on supplies, space rentals, promotions, native trees, food, etc. 
  7. Receipts must be turned into staff no later than two weeks after the event to receive reimbursement.
  8. Applicants will agree to send staff at least one photo of their event and can submit a summary if they’d like to be featured on social media or the Green Bowie e-newsletter.


The application period is open year-round, with funding possible for up to 15 events (at $200 per event). Once funds are spent, the program will be closed for the remainder of that fiscal year. Planning staff will review applications as they are received and will pass on to appropriate staff from other departments as needed. Staff will maintain a database including information on the applicant, where the event will be, when the invitations were sent, budget, and receipts received/reimbursed. The City will send out invitations to invitees and promote the program on the webpage and via social media. 

Interested? Look at the examples below and apply today. If you have questions, please call the City Sustainability Planner at 301-809-3044 or email Ashleigh Diaz.


  1. Obtaining a block party permit and throwing a block party on Bosworth Lane. Residents would get together, meet one another, and have an avenue to discuss issues they feel to be important in the City.
  2. Hosting a cleanup in the Y section and then throwing a pizza party for those that helped clean.
  3. A resident in the V section invites neighbors to their backyard for a BBQ, meet and greet, and discussion of current events in the City.
  4. An HOA bands together to use the funds to reimburse the purchasing of community rain barrels for 2-3 sites.
  5. An HOA purchases native trees or fruit trees to line a certain portion of their neighborhood and uses the grant money to both purchase them and throw a small party afterwards. 

Application Form