Loaner Program

The City of Bowie television studio now offers equipment checkouts to public access producers for shooting their own productions at home or in the field. We have cameras, light stands, a portable greenscreen, and tripods that you can borrow. Details about the equipment can be found in the equipment catalog.


Checkouts can be scheduled Monday through Friday between noon and 6 p.m.
Checkout length: Up to 48 hours (Monday – Thursday) or 72 hours (Fridays)
Producers are responsible for the equipment checked out and must be present at all shoots using the checked out equipment.

Here’s how that process will work:

  • Contact one of the studio technicians to schedule a preliminary discussion about your shoot.

  • They will help you determine what equipment is needed and will provide instructions and a username and password for the new ISAAC reservation system.
  • Sign into ISAAC system to complete your equipment reservation, specifying equipment pickup and return date/time.
  • The equipment handoff will take place in a small vestibule area near the back of the Kenhill Center and will be contactless.
  • The technician and producer will both verify the items being checked out are present and in working order. The producer will sign paperwork acknowledging the return date and time and accepting responsibility for the equipment.
  • The same verification of equipment will take place when it is returned.
  • Failure to return the equipment on the specified date and time will result in loss of loaner program privileges and may result in the loss of studio privileges in the future.

COVID-19 Precautions During Check-out and Check-in

  • Masks must be worn during when picking up and returning equipment.
  • Equipment will be placed on a cart in the designated vestibule area
  • Producer will remain in the vestibule area during the checkout process.
  • Staff will be on the other side of a glass door.
  • Equipment should be wiped down with a sanitizing wipe before returning. It will also be sanitized by city staff and will sit for 24 hours before being loaned again.
  • From opposite sides of the glass, together they will verify that all equipment is present and is in working order.

Still have questions?

  • Watch these short videos:

Intro to Checking Out Equipment (1:38min)
Equipment Pickup Procedures (2:27 min)

  • Email or call one of the studio technicians listed above.

Studio Reopening Status

While the Kenhill Center has reopened to tenants, the City of Bowie Studio remains closed to the public and is likely to remain closed throughout spring 2021.