Resources for Community Television Producers

Welcome, Bowie Public Access Television Producers!

After a long break due to the pandemic, we are now ready to work with you to produce programming for Bowie Community Television (Channels 11 (FIOS) & 77 (Comcast). Please bookmark the URL to this page so that you can return here often for the latest news about the studio. This information will also be provided to BCMC to share in their newsletter.

The Kenhill Center is not open to the public at present. Even when it reopens, because of social distancing considerations, we do not expect to resume operations in the studio in the same way they were done in the past. 

Here's How You Can Get New Content on the Air

Remote Shows by Skype

Producers are now able to Skype with the studio to create a show remotely. We can record you alone or with up to three other guests, each in a different location. Each person’s connection will be separate, but the studio will be able to coordinate with you so that you can see and speak with your guests during the recorded call. (Network news shows are using this same product to create panel shows right now.)

From the studio control room, our technicians will be able record the Skype session, use your standard lower-third name graphics, add an intro and credits, and submit to the finished show to BCMC on your behalf.

Submit Shows Produced Outside the Studio for Broadcast

Some of you have shows you have produced at home or elsewhere that you’d like to have broadcast on Bowie Community Television. You can also share them with us now.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Record the show. 
  • Complete a Show Submission Form
  • Send us the show form and the show file (you will need a gmail account to do this)

Our technicians will receive the file, add graphics as needed, and load it to the BCMC server, where the BCMC Executive Director will schedule it for airing on the channel. 

Before you get started with the file transfers, please be sure to read more details about submitting shows produced outside the studio.

Loaner Equipment Checkout 

We have a limited amount of equipment that can be checked out by producers to create new content. Checkout is free and will be for 24-72 hours.

We are currently working out the logistics for how to manage this process. Some of the things we are working on are:

  • Contact-less transfer of equipment
  • Sanitizing equipment
  • Scheduling and monitoring checkouts
  • Staffing (we are limited to one person in the studio at a time)
  • Training on equipment

Once we finalize how to deal with inclement weather, limited staff rotation, and verification of exchanges, we will make some equipment available via scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs. We plan to make more and more equipment available, offer some remote support for an introductory period, and provide mini training videos on topics like checking resolution, using two-way cameras for interviews, attaching microphones and selecting sound inputs, etc.