Fire Safety

Fire Hazards

The best way to protect yourself from fire is to understand how it works.

  • Fire is FAST. In just two minutes, a fire can become life-threatening. In five minutes, a residence can be engulfed in flames.
  • Fire is DARK. Fire produces gases that make you disoriented and drowsy. Instead of being awakened by fire, you may fall into a deeper sleep. Asphyxiation is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by three-to-one.
  • Fire is HOT. Inhaling the super hot air can sear your lungs.

Fire is the number one emergency in the United States. Each year, more than 4,000 Americans die in fires, more than 25,000 are injured in fires and more 100 firefighters are killed while on duty. Most of these deaths occur in residences and could have been prevented.

What to do if alarm sounds

Safe Home Heating

Many home fires are caused by home heating methods, especially when the power goes out:

  • Never use a stove top or oven to try and heat your home
  • Keep all space heaters at least three feet away from flammable materials 
  • All heating devices need to be plugged directly into the wall, no extension cords or power strips

Never use an oven to heat your home

Space Heaters

  • Always make sure your space heater has 3 feet of space from anything that can burn
  • Make sure your space heater has safety features like automatic shut-off 

space heaters

  1. Prevention  
  2. Escape Plan and Drill
  3. Hazards

Install Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarmssafety_tips_smoke_alarm_each_floor.506x253

  • Try and choose interconnected smoke alarms, so when one sounds the entire home is alerted
  • Put smoke alarms inside and outside each bedroom and sleeping area. Put alarms on every level of the home
  • Test your smoke alarms every month 
  • When you hear a smoke alarm, you may have less than 2 minutes to get everyone outside safely


Replace your smoksafety_tips_smoke_alarms_replace.506x253e alarms every ten years, any battery operated smoke alarms (unless they are attached to an alarm system) should be properly disposed of.

Fire Service in Bowie

The City of Bowie is primarily served by four fire stations. All emergency fire, rescue, and police calls need to go through 911. The telephone numbers provided below are for non-emergency and information purposes only. In an emergency, always call 911.

Bowie is served by a combination of paid career Prince George's County Firefighters and by members of the Bowie Volunteer Fire Department (BVFD). 

Station 19 - Huntington/ Old Bowie
13008 9th Street
Station 39 - Belair (at Free State Shopping Center)
15454 Annapolis Road
Station 43 - Pointer Ridge/ Mitchellville
16408 Pointer Ridge Dr
Station 816 - Northview
14901 Health Center Drive