Sears Parcel Redevelopment


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  • A mixed-use redevelopment of the Sears Parcel in the Bowie Town Center is proposed.

Project Snapshot

  • Proposal: Seritage SRC Finance, LLC, the current owner of the Sears Parcel at Bowie Town Center, has proposed redeveloping their parcel with mixed-use development
  • Location:  South side of MD 197 and north/west sides of Evergreen Parkway
  • Acreage/Zoning: 10.8 acres/M-A-C (Major Activity Center)
  • Current Proposal Description:  A mixed-use project including: up to 800 residential units (Multifamily, townhouses (not to exceed 150 units) and/or beds in an assisted living facility; retail uses (restaurants and shops); a hotel use (maximum of 150 rooms); and/or office uses.

Public Meeting and Hearing Schedule:

The meeting/public hearings schedule for the Bowie Town Center Basic Plan Amendment will be as follows:

All meetings will be virtual.

Review/Approval Process

A referral has been received to amend the Bowie Town Town Center Basic Plan. Amendments to the following will be required; 

(1) Amendment to approved Basic Plan;
(2) Revision to approved Comprehensive Design Plan;
(3) Preliminary Plan of Subdivision;
(4) Revision to approved Specific Design Plan

As part of the City’s Development Review Process, developers are asked to participate in a Stakeholders Meeting to gain early community input on their project.

The Stakeholders Meeting took place at City Hall on January 23, 2019.
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Most Recent Approval

Revision to specific Design Plan #SDP-9711-17 to convert eight existing parking spaces to three EV charging spaces and the necessary ancillary equipment to support the electric charging units.

 Revision to Specific Design Plan #SDP-9711-16 for BJ’s Restaurant/Brewhouse

April 3, 2017 - The City Council voted to recommend APPROVAL of #SDP-9711-16 for BJ’s   Restaurant/Brewhouse proposed in the Bowie Town Center with six conditions.

November, 1999 - The City Council approved a Departure from Design Standards (#BD-4-99) for the use of universal-sized parking spaces (9 ft. by 18 ft.) and a lower parking ratio for the entire retail core area.

December, 1999 – County Planning Board Approval of a revision to the Town Center Comprehensive Design Plan (CDP) and a SDP for the main retail core area on Parcel 9 (the original retail core area developed by the Simon Property Group).

Current Proposal Documents

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