Sustainability Plan

The term sustainability is used to describe a different way of looking at development and growth. According to The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook (p. 119), it is "about meeting today's needs without hampering future generations."  It is also about growth that ensures waste-free production, values people and maximizes profits -- the process recognized as the triple bottom line. 

The Bowie Sustainability Plan, adopted on November, 21, 2016, builds upon the City's Climate Action Plan and all the other green-minded work that has come before it. It is a 10-year plan that details, goals, strategies, and actions that will help to ensure that Bowie is a diverse and vibrant community that is committed to its citizens, economy, and natural environment. Achieving the objectives in this plan will be a continued community effort and every resident can make a difference.

View the 2019 Annual Update of the Sustainability Plan and see how the City is doing.  

Green Citizen Award

The City presents an annual Green Citizen Award to one citizen with outstanding practices in sustainability and community outreach. The awardee is awarded each spring at the Bowie Green Expo. The panel reviewing nominations is made up of members of the Bowie Green Team and Environmental Advisory Committee. 

The first winner was Gaye Williams in 2017
Dr. Harold Moline in 2018
Ceclia Reddy in 2019

Look for the 2020 nomination period to open shortly!

See How Bowie Stacks Up

Below are a few sustainability indicators, tracked by the State of Maryland, using American Community Survey data. See how Bowie stacks up compared to the County and state.