Corner Lot Fences

Corner Lot Fence Restrictions

The Bowie City Code restricts the placement of fences along the side street yard of corner lots, no matter the height.

Side Street Yard Defined

A corner lot has two yards abutting a street or parking area and a through corner lot has three abutting yards. One of the yards abutting the street is the "apparent front yard." The apparent front yard is defined by the architectural features of the residential dwelling and its orientation to the street. The other yards abutting a street are the "side street yards."

Set Backs for Side Street Yard Fence 

On most corner lots, a fence must be set back 26 feet from the curb at any given point along the side street provided the fence starts at the rear corner of the house. Exceptions include:

  • If the houses are situated so the back of the houses face each other and there is no driveway access to the side street.
  • If the side street yard property line is the continuation of the abutting property's rear property line

For more information regarding fence regulations, please contact the Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008.