Fence on an Interior Lot

Interior lot
An interior lot is a designated area of land having frontage on a public street, private road or right-of-way which is bordered by two or more lots. An interior lot is not a "corner lot", "through corner lot" or a "through lot". To view diagrams of the different types of lots, click here.
New Fence on an Interior Lot
Any person erecting a new fence or privacy wall greater than 4 feet in height must obtain a Prince George's County building permit and a City of Bowie building permit prior to construction. Fences are restricted to a height of 6 feet unless a variance or special exception is obtained.
Fences are not permitted in the front yard between the building line and the street (public right-of-way) or parking area. Rear yard fences are allowed however if the rear lot line is a continuation of the front yard line of the adjacent lot, the fence must be set back 25 feet from the property line. Side yard fences may be erected up to the property line but not on the street side of a corner lot.
Caution is urged when placing a fence on the property line. A "division" fence is placed on the private property line and is to be shared by both property owners. A written agreement should be acknowledged and approved by both property owners for the maintenance, ownership and repair of a division fence.