Emergency Communications

How Will You get Critical Information in an Emergency?

When disaster strikes, the City of Bowie government will use every method it can to communicate with those who live and work here to make sure they know what’s happening and what they should be doing.  

These methods include:
  • This website
  • Alert Bowie
  • Recorded messages on our main number (301-262-6200)
  • Bowie government channel (Verizon Channel 10 / Comcast Channel 71)
  • Local radio and television stations
  • Message Boards
  • Twitter (CityofBowie)
  • Facebook
  • In the event that the above methods are unavailable, messages will be physically posted on public buildings or loud speakers on police cruisers or other city vehicles will be used to communicate with residents.
When the power is out, the best ways to obtain information will be via text messages sent to cell phones through the Alert Bowie system, messages posted on the message boards located at major gateways to our City, or by calling City Hall 301-262-6200). During major emergencies City Hall is staffed around the clock to assist residents.

Employee Communications

Communications among city employees is also critical when managing or responding to a disaster. The city will use any or all of the following methods to communicate with staff members at various city facilities and in the field. These include:
  • Land lines
  • Cell phones
  • Email
  • Two-way radios
  • Satellite phones
  • Working with HAM radio operators
  • Using runners (dispatching employees to deliver messages if necessary)