Use of City Fields

City of Bowie sports fields are among the most in-demand in all of Prince Georges County.  Leagues, schools and organized groups must have permits in order to utilize athletic fields.

After school hours and evening hours are reserved for leagues and schools serving youth and adult programs, and typically have few vacancies. Permits for league play are typically issued on a quarterly basis.

 Murtagh 2 Opening Day 2011


City of Bowie issues permits for leagues, schools and other organized groups seeking to use the following locations during the hours identified below:

 City of Bowie Fields  Monday-Friday Weekends
 Acorn Hill Park    
      Soccer  3:30pm-dark 8am-dark
 Allen Pond Park    
     Andy Brown Soccer Closed Fall 2021
     Allen Pond Softball 1 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Allen Pond Softball 2 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Murtagh 2 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Huston 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
Blacksox Park     
     Blacksox Baseball 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Blacksox Softball 1 & 2 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Blacksox 3 & 4 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
Buckingham Park 
     Baseball 1 (spring)   5:30pm-dark
     Baseball 2 (Spring)   5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
     Baseball 3 5:30pm-dark  8am-dark
     Soccer overlay (fall)  5:30am-dark 8am-dark
Church Road     
     Church Road 1 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
     Church Road 2 & 3 5:30pm-10pm 8am-10pm
Glen Allen Park    
     Soccer Closed Fall 2021  
     Softball 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
Kenhill Center    
     Soccer 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
     Softball 1 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
     Softball 2  5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
Jericho Park    
     Jericho Park Adult Softball 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Jericho Park Fields 1-3 5:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
Mitchellville Park    
      Fields 1-7  5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
Pope's Creek Park     
     Pope's Creek Soccer 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
     Pope's Creek Softball 5:30pm-dark 8am-dark
Whitemarsh Park    
     Synthetic 3:30pm-10:30pm 8am-10:30pm
     Multi-Use 5:30pm-10:30pm 5:30pm-10:30pm
     Lower Football Field  5:30pm-10:30pm 5:30pm-10:30pm
     Baseball 5:30pm-10:30pm 5:30pm-10:30pm

All City athletic fields are inspected daily to determine if the fields are safe and in good condition for use. All field users (with or without a permit) must check the field status line prior to practicing or playing on a City of Bowie athletic field.

Daily Field Status

​Murtagh 1 Synthetic Field

Weekday Open Play Practice Sessions
Less than 5 Participants- No Permit Required

More than 5 Participants-Permit required call 301-809-3086

The Murtagh 1 Synthetic Turf Field at Allen Pond Park is available for open play for small group/individual  practice sessions (less than 5 participants per group) without a permit. Groups of 6 or more must obtain a permit. 

Fall schedule

The field is routinely available weekdays - Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 

Times are subject to change based on permitted usage. This usage is intended for individual or very small group open play. Examples include individual shooting sessions or skill drills. It is not intended for games, league scrimmages, camps or similar usage. 

Saturday and Sunday Open Play

The Murtagh 1 Synthetic Turf Field at Allen Pond Park is available for non-league play per the schedule below. User managed drop in play; no referees
Call Ranger for lights: 240-508-3881. 

Fall 2021 Schedule Saturday and Sunday

6pm-7:30pm- age 13-18 (youth) soccer
7:30pm-9pm- age 35+ co-ed soccer (less competitive)
9pm-10:30pm- age 18+ co-ed soccer (more competitive)

Proof of age is not required. Participants are encouraged to select the drop in session most appropriate for their skill level.

Murtagh 1 Synthetic Turf Rules

Grass Fields for  Pickup Games - No Permit Required

The fields listed below are currently available without a permit for drop in games. This list may change seasonally to allow for field resting and maintenance. Please check this list and the field status line prior to visiting the field and scheduling a pickup game.

If a permitted organized team, program, or league shows up while your pickup game is in progress, the non-permitted user group must leave the playing field. If this occurs, you may contact a City Park Ranger at 240-508-3881 to confirm the team has been issued a permit to use the field.

Non-permitted users must also leave the field during park maintenance, including grass cutting and infield maintenance. Field lights are not available for use for non-permitted pickup games on grass fields. City parks close at dark and non-permitted field users must leave City park property before dark.

This non-permitted usage is intended for pickup games and not league scrimmages or official games. 

Labor Day - November 15 (Fall schedule)

Soccer Use
  • Acorn Hill Park
  • Mitchellville Soccer Field #7
  • Pope's Creek
  • Buckingham Park
  • Kenhill Center
  • Huntington South
  • Mitchellville South
Baseball, Softball, Kickball

  • Kenhill Center
  • Blacksox baseball field (90' Diamond)
  • Glen Allen softball field
  • Popes Creek Softball
  • Huntington South
Most Prince George's County public school fields and M-NCPPC fields within the City may also be used for neighborhood games without a permit. Please call 301-809-3086 for more information on specific fields and usage regulations.

All grass fields are closed from
November 15 - March 15

The City of Bowie permitting office also permits the fields below:

Maryland-National Capital
Park and Planning Parks Weekday Hours 5:30pm-dark Weekend Hours 8am-dark
Collington Station Park 
Enfield Chase Park
Fox Hill Park
Huntington North Park
Huntington South Park
Mitchellville South Park
North Oak Park
Northridge Park
Rockledge Park
Saddlebrook East Park
Sandy Hill Park
Springlake South
The Vistas at Easthaven

 Board of Education Fields Weekday Hours 5:30pm-dark Weekend Hours 8am-dark
Benjamin Tasker Middle 
C. Elizabeth Reig Regional
Chapel Forge Early Childhood Center
Heather Hills Elementary
Kenilworth Elementary
Northview Elementary
Pointer Ridge Elementary
Samuel Ogle Middle 
Rockledge Elementary
Tulip Grove Elementary
Whitehall Elementary
Yorktown Elementary

Monday-Friday Hours