Press Releases & Publications

Publications & Reports

The City of Bowie produces a variety of press releases, newsletters, reports, and other publications. Some, such as the Development Sites Outline and the State of the City Report, are produced annually. Others are produced on an as-needed basis. Questions regarding a particular report or publication should be directed to the department creating the report. All of the publications described below are available on this website. 

Press releases can all be accessed through the archive center and viewed in chronological order. 

Bowie Spotlight Logo (PNG)

The Bowie Spotlight is published monthly and provides a summary of City news and events. The most recent issue is posted to the main page of this website and is emailed to those who have signed up to receive it via Alert Bowie. Printed copies are available at the Bowie Senior Center, the Ice Arena, the Bowie Gymnasium, and at both of the public libraries in Bowie. 

The Spotlight is a great source of information about upcoming events and programs sponsored by the City. It also contains information about City parks, the Ice Arena, the City Gymnasium, the museums in Bowie, and the Senior Center. 

In City election years, a special edition of the newsletter is mailed to each household prior to the election, but that is usually the only issue of the Spotlight to be mailed to all City residences.

To subscribe to receive the Bowie Spotlight via email and/or to be notified when it is available via text, register with Alert Bowie or call 301-809-3032 for assistance. For additional information or assistance concerning the Bowie Spotlight, please contact the Communications Division at 301-809-3040 or email.

Note: We are often asked to include information about events sponsored by local groups or clubs in City publications. We regret that due to time and space limitations, no outside content can be accepted for inclusion in the Spotlight. Organizations are encouraged to share their news with local news organizations, such as Bowie Patch and the Bowie Sun, and to post their news on the NextDoor app, on social media, and when appropriate, to share it via HOA mailing lists and Facebook pages. Posting flyers on community bulletin boards at some coffee shops and other establishments in the area, is another great way to share news of events.

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The Bowie Brief is a weekly newsletter update, highlighting the latest City government news and events. It is usually distributed electronically on Wednesdays or Thursdays, via Alert Bowie and can be viewed on the homepage of this website. Notifications about publication of the weekly Brief are also posted to City social media accounts and to NextDoor.

All Around the Center Logo (PNG)

Did you know that there are dozens of classes and programs offered at the Senior Center every month. This newsletter keeps seniors "in the know" with all that is happening at the Bowie Senior Center. A dedicated team of volunteers publish the Senior Center Newsletter every month.

Copies are available at the Senior Center, on this website, or call 301-809-2300 for more information.

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Learn about how our community is going green with solar panels, rain barrels, tree plantings, and much more. The Green Bowie e-newsletter provides the latest news on green related activities, events, and programs. It is a monthly electronic publication that is emailed to those who have subscribed. Email for more information or sign up now.