Public Works

Services Provided

The Public Works Department provides services to residents such as trash and recycling collection, leaf collection, maintenance of roads, sidewalks, curbs and gutter, street lights, and snow plowing operations.

Water & Wastewater

The city maintains its own water and wastewater systems. The city water plant handles the treatment and distribution of all potable water within the city system. The city system provides water and sewer service to approximately half of city residents, located primarily in the Levitt sections of Bowie north of Route 50. The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) services the remainder of city residents.


& Recycling

COVID-19 TRASH & RECYCLING CHANGES effective March 25, 2020
To minimize the risk to our public works staff, solid waste crews will only collect materials that are completely contained, as follows:

Recycling: All recycling must be in City-issued recycling cart/bin. Staff will not pick up any additional recycling from around the bin such as cardboard boxes. Please ensure all material is inside the City provided cart/bin.
Trash: All trash/garbage must be in a closed trash bin or enclosed in a plastic bag. Any loose trash or large items such as furniture will not be collected. Scheduled special pick-ups on Wednesdays (metal, tires, etc.) are suspended.
Yard Waste: There are no changes to the yard waste set out rules at this time. Please follow the existing rules for preparing your yard waste for collection.

These restrictions will remain in effect through at least April 15, 2020.

The Public Works Department handles trash and recycling collection. The City collects non-recyclable refuse from its residents twice weekly, according to a published schedule.

Glass, cans, plastic, and paper (including cardboard, paperboard, telephone books, office paper, and junk mail), are collected weekly by curbside pickup. The City operates a drop-off facility for used oil, filters, and antifreeze just inside the Public Works Department entrance on Route 450. Yard waste is also collected weekly and taken to the County’s yard waste facility near Upper Marlboro.


The Public Works Department is also responsible for the approval, issuance, and inspection of all public improvement permits for new construction within the city.