Bowie Police Department

  1. Bowie Police Department COVID-19 Updates

    The door to the Police Department lobby is locked and closed to the public. Visitors may enter the small vestibule area just inside the front door and speak to Communications Center staff through the intercom system or by calling 240-544-5700.
  2. ADVISORY: Suspicious Person "COVID-19 Testing"

    Residents should never open their homes to anyone claiming to be testing for COVID-19. Should you encounter anyone attempting to enter your home to "clean or check for the virus," contact the Bowie Police Department immediately at 240-544-5700 or 9-1-1.
  3. Non-Emergency Reports

    Those wishing to make a police report in a non-emergency case can now do so by calling 240-544-5700. In most cases, the Police will not be responding in person to take non-emergency reports, unless there is a pressing need to do so.
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Looking for a challenging yet rewarding career? Want to serve the incredible city of Bowie, Maryland, where community-policing and relationships with those we serve is at the forefront of our policing model? Click here to see our open positions and join our team!

-Starting salary: $48,040 to $54,525

-Take home car program

-Paid academy training

-Health, vision, and dental insurance for Civilian and Sworn members

-Tuition reimbursement

-Maryland State Retirement Agency, LEOPS

-Step system with 5.2% raises

Bowie Police Department no longer offers finger printing services for background/employment purposes.