Agendas, Minutes & Status Reports

Council Package 

In June of 2022, the City began using new software for agenda management.

Please see the Public Portal below for City Council Meeting Agendas, Tentative Agendas, Status Reports, and Meeting Minutes. To view past meetings and documents, please scroll up when hovering your cursor over the Public Portal as doing so will load past meetings. 

Regular City Council Meeting Agendas and Staff Reports
An agenda is published in advance of every City Council meeting. It is posted on Thursday afternoon prior to a Monday meeting and contains links to staff reports and other information provided to Council on the agenda topics. Together the agenda and staff reports make up the Council Agenda Package.

Tentative Agenda
The Tentative Agenda contains a schedule of topics for upcoming council meetings. It is updated weekly on Thursday afternoon.

Weekly Status Report
City Council also receives a Weekly Status Report from the City Manager on Thursday afternoon. The report contains updates on meetings, events and issues of interest to the Council.

For more information about any of the items, contact the City Clerk at 301-809-3029.