Municipal Infractions

Municipal Infractions  

Municipal Infractions are citations used to enforce the rules stated in the Bowie City Code. These citations can be given by various officers, such as Code Compliance Officers, Animal Control Officers, Park Rangers, and Bowie Police Officers.

When Are Municipal Infractions Issued? 

Typically, municipal infractions are issued when a person doesn't comply with a warning or notice about a violation of the Bowie City Code. Warnings can be in written, verbal, or door hanger form and include details about the violation, the related City code section, the correction due date, and the officer's contact information. Infractions can be given immediately without warning to repeat offenders, out-of-state violators, or if a City official witnesses the violation. 

Who Receives Municipal Infractions?

Municipal infractions can be issued to violators and, if the violation occurs on private property, to all property owners. Tenants, resident agents, business owners, and visitors can also receive infractions for specific violations. If violations persist, multiple infractions can be issued. These infractions can be delivered in person, by certified mail, first-class mail, or by posting a notice on the property. 

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Example of Municipal Infraction Citation (Click on image to view larger citation.)

What to Do If You Receive a Municipal Infraction: 

Read it carefully. Municipal infractions are court documents charging you with an offense. 

Your options:

  • Pay the fine within 20 days.
  • Request a District Court trial within 15 days.
  • Apply for a City of Bowie Administrative Review Board (ARB) hearing within 15 days if you believe the infraction was issued in error. You must state the reason on the ARB application

If you take no action, the municipal infraction will be:

  • Forwarded to the District Court for trial, and 
  • The City may request to double the fines, and 
  • The City may seek an abatement order which permits the City to enter onto the property to make the necessary repairs. Any costs are to be paid by the property owner in the form of a lien on the property.

Important note:

Paying the fine doesn't excuse the responsibility to fix the violation. The City can still seek an abatement order in court even if the fine is paid.

Questions about Municipal Infractions

If you have any questions or concerns regarding municipal infractions, please contact the issuing code enforcement officer or the Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008.