Housing and Property Maintenance

Property Standards

Residents value communities that are clean, safe, and well-maintained. The Bowie Housing and Property Maintenance Code provides guidelines to ensure that Bowie achieves these goals. The Code includes regulations about lawn and exterior property maintenance, buildings and structures, and interior housing standards. To learn more about these regulations, please view the City Code. Specific sections of the code are noted for each maintenance requirement.

Lawn and Landscaping Maintenance

  • Grass and weeds may not exceed 8 inches in height. (15-2 & 15-3)
  • Public sidewalks are to be 4 feet wide and free from grass and weeds in cracks or joints. (22-18.2)
  • Dead trees and shrubs are to be removed unless they are within a forested area. (5-7 b 1)
  • Bushes and shrubs are to be trimmed so they do not grow over the sidewalk or curb. (22-18)

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Exterior Property Maintenance

  • Trash, litter and debris are to be removed and the property must not be unsightly or having a blighting effect on nearby properties. (5-7 b 2)
  • Open storage of car and truck parts and equipment, household appliances, building materials, inoperative vehicles, furniture, rubbish, refuse and other similar items is prohibited. (5-7 b 6)
  • Fire wood is to be stored evenly and neatly stacked on a platform 6 inches above a concrete, asphalt, brick or block surface or 18 inches above an unimproved ground surface. (5-7 b 9)
  • Water in pools, hot tubs, fish ponds or other items are not allowed to become stagnant or a breeding area for insects. (5-7 b 3)

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Exterior Surfaces, Structures or Buildings

  • All exterior surfaces, accessory and appurtenant structures and buildings must be maintained and repaired in a reasonably skillful manner. They are to be structurally safe and sound, in good repair, free from rust or corrosion, peeling paint, graffiti, be weather resistant and kept in a condition to exclude rodents. All exterior surfaces are to be covered by materials customarily used for exterior surfaces. (5-7 c 3)
  • House numbers must be numeric and 4 inches in height or more (not spelled out), on a contrasting background and be visible from the street. (5-7 c 16)
  • Guttering systems and downspouts must be in good condition, properly connected, secured to the building and free of plant growth or any obstruction. (5-7 c 15)
  • Windows and doors are to be maintained in good condition, fit reasonably tight within the frame, having proper closing and locking mechanisms. (5-7 c 6 through 11)
  • Roofs are to be structurally sound, tight and have no defects. (5-7 c 1 & 4)
  • Exterior shutters are to be erected and maintained in pairs. (5-7 c 17)
  • Exit doors shall be accessible and easily opened from the inside without a key. (5-7 c 13)
  • Outdoor storage tents are prohibited. (5-7 b 7)

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Building Standards

The Prince George's County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement (DPIE) is tasked with enforcing the Maryland Building Performance Standards within the City. These building standards include the International Building Code, International Residential Code for One and Two-Family Dwellings, International Energy Conservation Code, and the International Green Construction Code. Please contact DPIE at 301-636-2000 for more information.

Contact Information

For more general information on Bowie's Housing and Property Maintenance Code contact the Code Compliance Office at 301-809-3008 or codecompliance@cityofbowie.org

To view a list of Code Compliance officers and their areas of responsibility, please visit our Code Compliance staff webpage.