Trash and Recycling

COVID-19 TRASH & RECYCLING CHANGES effective March 25, 2020 
To minimize the risk to our public works staff, solid waste crews will only collect materials that are completely contained, as follows:

Recycling: All recycling must be in City-issued recycling cart/bin. Staff will not pick up any additional recycling from around the bin such as cardboard boxes. Please ensure all material is inside the City provided cart/bin.
Trash: All trash/garbage must be in a closed trash bin or enclosed in a plastic bag. Any loose trash or large items such as furniture will not be collected. Scheduled special pick-ups on Wednesdays (metal, tires, etc.) are suspended.
Yard Waste: There are no changes to the yard waste set out rules at this time. Please follow the existing rules for preparing your yard waste for collection.

These restrictions will remain in effect through at least April 15, 2020.


All curbside collections of trash, recycling, and special pickup items are handled by the Solid Waste Division of Public Works.

The mission of this division is to provide efficient and reliable trash and recycling services to all they serve.

Household trash, residential recycling, and yard waste are picked up at the curb. Special scheduled pickups are required for disposing of metal items (such as appliances) and automobile tires. The City of Bowie does not collect hazardous materials or electronics. These items must be brought to the Brown Station Landfill in Upper Marlboro.

The City seeks to minimize waste by providing the residential curbside recycling collection, yard waste collection,  and scheduled metal recyclable collections. We also encourage residents to make use of other recycling resources such as those listed in our More Waste & Recycling Resources page. Also please see our Recycling Report Card, which displays recycling percentages by City of Bowie neighborhood.

For more information about all of the City of Bowie's Trash and Recycling services, please visit other pages in this section. (See menu to the left or the links below if you are viewing this page on a mobile device.)