Collection Schedules

Household Trash

  • Household trash (refuse) is collected twice weekly (except on holiday weeks).
  • Place at curbside by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection.
  • Place trash in cans with lids or in closed bags. Each can or bag must weigh no more than 50 pounds.

Residential Recycling

  • Household recycling consists of glass, paper, metal cans, plastic containers, cardboard and other materials that are collected at curbside for recycling. (View our list of acceptable items and consider printing it to post on your refrigerator.)
  • It is collected once weekly.
  • Place at curbside by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection.
  • Place acceptable recycling items in blue recycling carts provided by the City (no weight limit) or in containers marked “RECYCLE” (no more than 50 pounds).
  • Recyclable items may not be bagged in plastic bags.
  • Learn more about residential recycling.

Household Trash and Recycling Collection Schedule

View map of City neighborhoods

Neighborhood Trash Pickup Days
Recycling Day
Amber Meadows Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Ashleigh and Ashleigh Station Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Belair Greens Tuesday and Friday Friday
Bowie Commons Monday and Thursday Monday
Bowie Forest Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Bowie Station Tuesday and Friday Friday
Buckingham Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Chapel Forge Tuesday and Friday Thursday
Church Road Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Collington Manor Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Collington Station Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Covington Monday and Thursday Monday
Covington Condominiums Monday and Thursday Monday
Derbyshire Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Devonshire Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Dixon Crossings Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Enfield Chase Monday and Thursday Monday
Ensleigh Monday and Thursday Monday
Essington Monday and Thursday Monday
Evergreen Estates Monday and Thursday Monday
Fairview Monday and Thursday Thursday
Fletchertown Road Tuesday and Friday Friday
Forest Drive Monday and Thursday Monday
Foxhill Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Glen Allen Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Glenridge Tuesday and Friday Friday
Grady's Walk Tuesday and Friday Friday
Greystone Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Grovehurst Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Heather Hills Monday and Thursday Monday
Highbridge Park Monday and Thursday Thursday
Huntington Tuesday and Friday Friday
Huntington Crest Tuesday and Friday Friday
Idlewild Tuesday and Friday Friday
Kenilworth Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Lake Village Manor Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Long Ridge Monday and Thursday Monday
Longleaf Monday and Thursday Monday
Meadowbrook Tuesday and Friday Thursday
Meadowbrook Townhouses Tuesday and Friday Thursday
Mitchellville East Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Mitchellville Road Townhouses Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Northridge Tuesday and Friday Friday
Northview Monday and Thursday Monday
Oak Pond Monday and Thursday Monday
Oakberry Monday and Thursday Monday
Oaktree Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Old Chapel Estates Tuesday and Friday Friday
Olde Stage Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Overbrook Tuesday and Friday Friday
Palisades Monday and Thursday Monday
Peach Preserve Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Pointer Ridge North Monday and Thursday Tuesday
Pointer Ridge South Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Princeton Square Monday and Thursday Monday
Race Track Rd. Townhouses Monday and Thursday Thursday
Ridgeview Townhouses Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Rockledge Tuesday and Friday Friday
Rolling Hills Tuesday and Friday Friday
Saddlebrook Monday and Thursday Thursday
Saddlebrook West Monday and Thursday Thursday
Somerset Monday and Thursday Wednesday
Spring Meadows Tuesday and Friday Thursday
Stewarts Landing Monday and Thursday Thursday
Sumner Chase Tuesday and Friday Friday
Tall Oaks Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Temberry Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Tulip Grove Monday and Thursday Thursday
Victoria Heights Tuesday and Friday Friday
Vistas Monday and Thursday Monday
Westview Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Whitehall Tuesday and Friday Friday
Woodland Lakes Monday and Thursday Monday
Woodmore at Oak Creek Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Woodmore Estates Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Woodmore Highlands Tuesday and Friday Tuesday
Yorktown Tuesday and Friday Friday

City Holidays

Household trash and recycling are generally not collected on City holidays. The only exception is New Year's Day when there is a recycling collection.* There are no make-up days for collection days that fall on a holiday. Your next collection will be on your next regularly scheduled pickup day. See list of City Holidays.

* Beginning in 2012, City Council authorized the collection of single stream recycling (not metal or yard waste) on New Year's Day as a convenience to residents. The reason for this change was to accommodate those who wish to recycle, but have to wait three weeks during the holiday season each year, since Christmas and New Year’s holidays are always on the same day.

Inclement Weather and Trash and Recycling Collection

Household trash and recycling are not collected if the City government closes due to inclement weather. Generally there are no make-up days for collection days when there is a City government closure. Collections will take place on your next regularly scheduled day. 

Sometimes inclement weather will delay or curtail trash and recycling pickups. If this is the case, an announcement will be placed on the City's website and posted to the City's Facebook page and Twitter feed (@CityofBowie). We will also attempt to reach affected residents by a robocall to their home phone and with a text and email message sent via Alert Bowie 2.0. Residents who have questions about the status of trash and recycling collection can also call 301-262-6200 or 301-809-2344 for the latest information.

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