Temporary Holding Area for Cats & Dogs


Kennel signThe City of Bowie created the Temporary Holding Rooms (THR) with the primary purpose of reuniting a lost or stray dog or cat with its owner. The THR is designed to provide a pet owner a greater opportunity to claim their lost pet picked up by a Bowie Animal Control Officer. The rooms are not intended to operate as a fully staffed and operational 24-hour animal shelter, nor is it a pet boarding facility.

Pickup and Transport to THR

Dogs in KennelWhen a stray dog or cat is picked up by a Bowie Animal Control Officer, a concerted effort will be made to locate and return the pet to its owner within the immediate area. The pet will be inspected for a micro-chip, rabies or license identification tags, tattoos and other forms of owner or pet identification. If the pet owner cannot be located or is unavailable and the pet is healthy and has a good disposition, it will be transported to the THR.

Maintenance and Care of Pets

Picture of Cat condosPets placed in our temporary holding rooms will be provided with food, water, exercise, social interaction, a clean environment and veterinary care if necessary. Staff will continue to search for the pet owner and will advertise the found pet on the City's Animal Control Facebook page and through our Pet Pickup Alert service. A pet not claimed within 5 days, will be transported to the Prince George's County Animal Management Facility, 3750 Brown Station Road, Upper Marlboro, MD, 301-780-7200.

Release to Owner and Fees

A pet held in the THR may be released to its owner or custodian upon providing sufficient proof of ownership and the payment of any applicable fines or fees. Acceptable proof of ownership include veterinary or ownership papers, photographs, pet license or rabies vaccination certificates.