1. Middle School Night is on March 15 at the Bowie Gym!

    Come join us for a night of music, physical activity, and fun at the Bowie Gym on March 15 from 7 to 9 p.m. for Middle School Night 2024! Activities will include stretching, Zumba, jumping jacks, planks, yoga, ladder and so much more. Read on...
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About the Facility 

The City of Bowie Municipal Gymnasium is located on Northview Drive, next to the Bowie Senior Center, and is open for organized sports activities as well as unorganized recreational activities. This 27,000-square foot facility has two full-sized basketball courts (one 84-feet x 50-feet and the other 90-feet x 50-feet) overlaid with two intermediate basketball courts (74-feet by 42-feet). It is also overlaid to accommodate four volleyball courts (30-feet by 60-feet), which can also be used for young basketball players.

The gym can be partitioned into quarters with ceiling to floor curtains to allow for several activities at the same time. The facility also includes two team rooms that can be divided into four smaller rooms, a sitting and concession area, and office and storage rooms.  No fitness equipment is provided at this facility.

Who Can Use the Gym?

  • The Gym is open to members who may bring up to two non-member guests.
  • Memberships are available only to residents living within the municipal limits of Bowie.(Verify your residency)
  • If you are a resident and would like to apply for a membership or renew your membership this can be done in person during normal hours of operation. Valid picture identification is required for proof of residency. 

What Kinds of Activities Can Take Place at the Gym?

  • Senior Walking (9 a.m. to 10 a.m., weekdays only)
  • Basketball play 
  • Volleyball play
  • Pickleball play

Annual Membership Fees & Rentals

Fees and Policies manual (PDF). Effective July 1, 2023.  

*Court memberships are valid for all court activities only during normal operating hours

*Fitness/Walking memberships are valid for fitness and walking programs during the schedule activity hours only during weekdays. 

  • Youth Court Membership - Ages 6 - 17 is $30 per year
  • Adult Court Membership - Ages 18 - 54 is $60 per year
  • Senior Court Membership - Ages 55+ is free

  Daily Guest Fees

 All guests must be accompanied by a valid member at all times.

  • Youth - Ages 6 -17 is $10 
  • Adults - Ages 18 - 54 is $10
  • Seniors - Ages 55+ is $10 

Court & Room Rentals

Court rental opportunities are now available for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball for non-competitive and competitive play. All allocation request forms can be found on the allocation page of the web page.

Room rental opportunities are now available . All groups & individuals must provide a $100 refundable deposit prior to a confirmed reservation being made. Groups and individuals may rent a room for at least an 1 hour or up to a maximum of 3 hours during any given day. Room capacity is 25 people with chairs only.

Pickleball at Gym