City Stormwater Projects

The water that comes from hard surfaces like rooftops, driveways and parking lots, called stormwater runoff, can carry a variety of pollutants into local streams. The City is actively involved in improving the water quality of Bowie's streams before they enter the Patuxent River and flow to the Chesapeake Bay. 

About 40% of the city was built in the 1960s before environmental regulations such as the Clean Water Act were in place. The City is now subject to that Act and to 
State law that requires communities across the state to take steps to improve the quality of water that will eventually flow to the Chesapeake Bay.  
Midwood Lane Pond Improvements

The City’s first stormwater pond upgrade to meet these requirements is underway at Midwood Lane. The project will modify the current dry stormwater detention area to a pond with a permanent pool that will provide the desired water quality improvements.  Preliminary work includes site clearing and relocation of a sanitary sewer line.  Work began in early September and should be completed by January 2018. 

Please contact the City's Watershed Manager by email or by phone at 301-809-3043 for additional information about this project or anything related to stormwater, streams or water pollution.