Martin Luther King Art Contest


To honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and raise awareness about his accomplishments, the City of Bowie Diversity Committee sponsors an annual art contest for Bowie students. The categories of the contest differ depending on the grade of the students, but all are intended to teach students about Dr. King’s legacy.
The contest divides the participating grades into groups of 3. Grades K-2 enter a coloring contest, grades 3-5 create a poster illustrating how Dr. King worked, and how others are still working to ensure that all people are treated fairly, and Grades 6-12 honor the life and work of the Civil Rights leader by creating a short 60-90 second video that depicts the contest theme for the year.

The theme for the 2016 contest was “Dreams of Growth, Unity and Progress”. It honors the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by allowing participants, grade K-12, to illustrate their perspective on the dream.

Contest finalists were chosen in January 2016 and their work was featured in a program at City Hall on January 16th. Winners were selected in February and are listed below.

2016 Art Contest Winners

Coloring Contest Winners (K-2)
Name School Grade Place Prize
Joseph Harrison St. Pius X Regional School 1 First $100
Abraham Brensinger Pointer Ridge Elementary 1 Second $50
Aaliyah Patterson Tulip Grove Elementary K Third $25 (tie)
Allison Bogley St. Pius X Regional School 2 Third $25 (tie)
Poster Category (Third - Fifth Grade)
Name School Grade Place Prize
Benjamin Brensinger Pointer Ridge Elementary 3 First $100
Jocelyn Gross Whitehall Elementary 4 Second $50 (tie)
Cai Smith Grace Christian School 4 Second $50 (tie)
Gabrielle Patterson Tulip Grove Elementary 3 Third $25
* No entries were received in the video category this year.

Art Contest Finalists

A slideshow featuring the work of all of the 2016 finalists in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Art Contest can be found at the link below:

2016 Finalists

Eligible Schools

Students from the following schools are eligible to participate in City of Bowie contests and programs:
  • Bowie High School
  • Tall Oaks High School
  • Benjamin Tasker Middle School
  • Samuel Ogle Middle School
  • St. Pius X Regional School
  • Grace Christian School
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy
  • Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School (lower campus)
  • Heather Hills Elementary School
  • High Bridge Elementary School
  • Kenilworth Elementary School
  • Northview Elementary School
  • Pointer Ridge Elementary School
  • Rockledge Elementary School
  • Tulip Grove Elementary School
  • Whitehall Elementary School
  • Yorktown Elementary School
  • Chapel Forge Special Center
  • C. Elizabeth Rieg Special Center