Southlake (formerly Karington)


Southlake is an approved mixed-use planned community to be built just south of Central Avenue on the southbound side of US 301. Current plans include:

  • 475,000 square feet of retail commercial space
  • 200,000 square feet of employment uses
  • 390 hotel rooms
  • 1,294 dwelling units, including:
    • 136 single-family detached units
    • 664 townhouse units
    • 390 multi-family units
    • 104 two-family units

The project is permitted on 382 acres of property in the Employment and Institutional Area (E-I-A) zone. 


Southlake is to be built just south of Central Avenue on the southbound side of US 301 (southwest quadrant of US 301 and MD 214). Major access points are approved on both roads.

Karington map


The original mixed-use plan, approved by Prince George’s County in 2004, included 650,000 square feet of office use, 343,000 square feet of retail use, two hotels and 1,239 dwelling units, including 490 multi-family apartments, 210 multi-family condominium units, 20 live-work units, 120 multi-family senior units, 245 townhouse units and 154 single-family detached units. 

A revised Preliminary Plan of subdivision was approved by the County Planning Board on February 16, 2017 that resulted in the following development quantities: 475,000 square feet of retail commercial, 200,000 square feet of employment uses, 390 hotel rooms, and 1,294 dwelling units, including:  136 single-family detached units, 664 townhouse units, 390 multi-family units, 104 two-family units,

A Detailed Site Plan for grading and infrastructure was approved in 2005 and later revised in 2008.  Another revision to this plan is currently under review.  A Final Subdivision Plan was approved creating public roads in 2006. Stormwater management and sediment control permits were approved in 2011. 

Tax Increment Financing Requested

In 2016, the developer requested approval of a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District, asking both Prince George’s County and the City of Bowie for assistance in financing the cost of the project’s infrastructure improvements. A TIF District was designated by the Prince George’s County Council and is pending final approval.

It is expected that the City Council will review the TIF participation request in early 2018. If the City Council agrees to participate in the TIF funding mechanism, the Southlake project will be annexed into the City, pursuant to an Annexation Agreement completed in 2016.  In the near future, Detailed Site Plans will be submitted for each section and will go through the public review process at both the City and County levels.

Karington Reconsideration (Preliminary Plan #4-04035)
At its meeting of January 25, 2018, the Prince George’s County Planning Board voted unanimously to APPROVE a reconsideration of the original Preliminary Plan conditions for Karington. The requested revisions include elimination of a direct access to MD 214 in favor of an alternative northern access (from Old Central Avenue) and relocation of the proposed Master Plan trail alignment out of the Collington Branch floodplain and environmentally sensitive area to run alongside the public street system within the development.