List of Committees

  1. Administrative Review Board

    Reviews and decides appeals after the issuance of a municipal infraction; also serves as the Board of Appeals to consider and decide on variance requests.

  2. Advisory Planning Board

    Advises the City Council on matters in the area of residential, commercial, and industrial land uses and development; annexations; zoning changes; building codes; transportation; public services and facilities; and many other matters referred by the City Council.

  3. Board of Elections

    This board oversees the registration of voters, nominations for elected office and all city elections.

  4. Arts Committee

    The City’s Arts Committee advises the City Council on matters related to the visual and performing arts.

  5. Board of Personnel Appeals

    Conducts a hearing, at the request of any employee, when he or she feels an unjust personnel action has been received.

  6. Community Outreach Committee

    Promotes community welfare matters relating to the needs and resources of the community.

  7. Community Recreation Committee

    Works for the continued coordination and improvement of recreational facilities in the city.

  8. Diversity Committee

    This committee advises City Council on matters relating to diversity.

  9. Economic Development Committee

    Provides advice to City Council on issues of economic and community development.

  10. Education Committee

    Studies and provides forums on issues or developments in education within public schools attended by residents of the city, provides recognition of student achievement and teacher excellence, advises the City Council on education matters, oversees private donations for high school students, and develops efforts to improve the educational advantages for resident high school students.

  11. Environmental Advisory Committee

    This committee was established in October 2007 to recommend policies and programs to the City Council relating to the environment, on such issues as as natural resource management, wildlife habitat protection, energy efficiency, watershed stewardship, pollution prevention, beautification, tree canopy preservation, and green policies.

  12. Ethics Commission

    Interprets the Ethics Article of the City Code; reviews Financial Disclosure Statements; issues of Advisory Opinions; oversees Lobbying Registration & Reporting; & addresses Ethics Complaints.

  13. Financial Advisory Committee

    Provides advice regarding accounting practices and principles, budgeting, grant administration, and financial reporting.

  14. Green Team Executive Committee

    The Bowie Green Team works with City staff to develop policies and plans and outreach programs to build a more sustainable community.

  15. Information Technology Committee

    Serves as a forum for citizen input concerning information and technology issues and monitors legislative and technological trends on matters relating to the use and operation of the cable television system in the city.

  16. Public Safety Committee

    Examines public safety issues to determine how best to improve and enhance public safety in the city.